Hey there! My name is Charlotte Witts.

I’m a professional freelance writer and editor who specialises in writing for health, wellness, self-care, simplicity and environment niches.

This includes everything from writing friendly and engaging blog posts and articles, creating awesome ebooks, writing newsletters and website copy as both featured writer and ghostwriter.


I absolutely LOVE my job and love the difference I can make in the world with my words.

Over the past five years I’ve helped countless wellness entrepreneurs and brands to:

  • Share their message
  • Find their brand voice & connect with their audience
  • Sell their online and in-person, retreats and products
  • Make a difference in the world!

Whether you’re just launching your business, developing your creative ideas or looking to take your business to the next level, I can offer the copywriting, personal support and inspiration that you need to grow.

My copywriting will:

  • Inspire and inform your readers
  • Keep those search engines happy
  • Speak to them in a language that they understand
  • Encourage them to take action!
  • Be friendly and packed with personality!

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“It’s a pleasure to be working with you. You’re like a breath of fresh air.”

“That is a really great article! I don’t have any other feedback other than-wow!”

“I do admire and enjoy everything you write. It is truly inspirational.”


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How I launched my freelance writing career in March 2014

I owe it all to my amazing son. Yes, really!

Although I’d always know that I didn’t want to live a so-called ‘normal life’ and wanted to follow my passions and live life to the full, it wasn’t until my gorgeous son was born in 2009 that I decided to actually do something about it.

Because this is when I realised what really mattered in life. I knew what I wanted.

#1. I wanted to enjoy my son’s childhood by side and watch him grow.

Nothing would ever come even close to that radiant smile he gave me every day as we played, learned and explored together.

#2. I wanted to make a living as a professional copywriter.

I’d had enough of trying to fit into the mould. It was time to be brave, reach out and chase my dreams.

You see, even though I’d always ADORED writing, I never thought that it could ever be a proper job.

I thought it could only ever be a harmless hobby or a silly childhood fantasy; the kind of thing that people just do someday when they retire and don’t have anything better to do with their time.

So I from the time I finished my studies, I searched high and low for my ‘calling’ in life, looking for that thing that I was born to do.

Of course, I never found it where I was searching because it was always right there under my nose. Writing.

From that moment, I threw myself into learning everything I could about writing content, copywriting, content marketing and sales writing then started growing a base of loyal ongoing ghostwriting clients whose values were closely aligned to my own.

Before long, I started having to turn away inquiries because my schedule was full.

What I can offer you

I started to notice that so many small business owners and wannabe writers are desperate to share their knowledge, sell online and build their own freelance businesses. But they just aren’t confident enough in their own abilities to make it happen.

Perhaps this is you.

Perhaps English was never your best subject at school.

Or you suffer from dyslexia. Or English isn’t your mother tongue.

Perhaps you suffer epic pangs of guilt every time you even think about selling something and struggle to find the words when faced with writing a blog post, a newsletter or a landing page let alone building your online course.

(Don’t worry- you’re certainly not the first!)

If this sounds all too familiar then you’re definitely in the right place. I can help. HIRE ME by clicking here. 


About Charlotte

I’ve always been crazy passionate about writing. And I mean it when I say crazy…

I was the small child who always had her head in a book and spent her spare time writing stories and poems which ended up littering the floor of her bedroom.

(I loved nothing more than sending letters and stories to Blue Peter, the Queen, Princess Diana, ocean conservation groups and anyone else who would listen.)

I became the kid who sent book manuscripts off to publishers aged 10, hoping to land a big-time publishing deal.

I turned into the teenager who wrote Punk, Indie and Britpop song lyrics in her bedroom and scribbled her way through endless journals to help ease the teenage angst.

I became the young adult who enrolled in creative writing courses because they were easy, fun and almost effortless, then the adult who completed a BA (Hons) Linguistics simply because I thought words were awesome.

Yes, you could say that I really love words. 😉

A few fun facts about me, not related to writing….

  • I currently live with my son on a small sub-tropical island in the Azores- a group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.
  • If I’m ever feeling stressed or grumpy (yep, it happens), the best antidote for me is getting outside somewhere
  • I’m a long distance runner and I’m currently training for my first trail run marathon…Eek!
  • I have a Bucket List about as long as they get that includes all kinds of fun stuff including rock climbing, sailing a yacht, diving with humpback whales, running an ultramarathon, learning to surf (better), and plenty more.
  • I’ve been vegetarian since about the age of 5 and I’m now vegan.
Trail running in the gorgeous Azores islands


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